Alpha 8

Alpha 8 is now available to download. I also recorded a quick play-through of one day of the Polish campaign.

Update: Packaged version has been updated to Alpha 8.1, incorporating recent fixes (thanks, Dan!). Saved games from Alpha 8.0 can still be loaded.

Changelog follows:


ADD: Game can now handle multiple combat days in a campaign
ADD: USA nation definitions
ADD: Patton’s Best campaign
ADD: M4, M4A1, M4A3, M4A3(75)W, M4A3E2(75)W “Jumbo”, M4A3E2(76)W “Jumbo”, M4A1(76)W, and M4A3(76)W “Easy Eight” Sherman unit definitions and portrait
ADD: Turret-mounted smoke mortar fired by Loader to M4A3(75)W, M4A3E2(75)W, M4A3E2(76)W
ADD: Powerful Engine stat for M4A3 Sherman, effects, display
ADD: HVSS stat handling, effects for unit types that may have it
ADD: Wet Stowage stat and effect (lower chance of burn-up)
ADD: P-47 Thunderbolt to American air support
ADD: Panzer IV H, Panzer VG ‘Panther’, STuG IIIG, Marder II, PaK 38, PaK 40, PaK 43 to AI units
ADD: Unit portrait for Panzer IV H
ADD: Turntable bonus for AT guns firing after pivoting
ADD: Sound effect for adding a skill or increasing a stat
ADD: Player tank menu discards options that are not yet available in calendar
ADD: Fast mode debug flag for quicker testing
CNG: Sound effect for loading shells
CNG: Enemy unit class spawn odds now stored in campaign object, any new data in a subsequent campaign day will update odds for that class
CNG: Removed op_value stat from units, was never used
CNG: New method for handling unit type rarity, can include different values for different date ranges
CNG: Font extended with special Polish glyphs, can now be displayed in crew names
CNG: Improved pop-up message console display
CNG: Improved appearance of environmental conditions display console
CNG: Campaign days now randomly generated, campaigns define set of parameters per week of campaign
CNG: Campaign names now displayed in standard orange colour
CNG: Unit type nicknames (eg. Firefly, Panther) now stored and displayed separately

Campaign Calendar

ADD: Display of day description
ADD: Confirmation step when requesting resupply
ADD: Debug command to proceed to next day (disabled in distribution versions)
ADD: End of day display, crew roll to recover from Light Wounds and roll for advances
ADD: Critical wounds automatically become Serious at end of day
ADD: Procedure for player to select a new tank after one is destroyed
ADD: Crewmen recover from being stunned or unconscious at end of day
ADD: If tank was destroyed during day, no longer displayed in menu
ADD: Immobilized tanks repaired for next combat day
CNG: Start of day animation now shown before entering campaign calendar interface
CNG: Player tank portrait no longer displayed in top part of screen (tank menu has been added for that)
FIX: Bug where screen would not be drawn if player saved at end of day and then continued game

Campaign Day

ADD: Map hexes on edge of map with only one dirt road link will have also have road drawn to edge of map
ADD: Display of main gun ammo levels to Supply menu tab
CNG: Calculation of travel time between zones


ADD: New procedure for requesting and delivering support attacks
ADD: Target terrain modifier to spotting checks
ADD: Message for when FP is being resolved on an unarmoured vehicle target
CNG: Targets now selected and stored separately for each weapon on player unit
CNG: Unit smoke concealment now tracked by hexside, lasts slightly longer
FIX: Crash when trying to display a Hull Down direction of 1 in the unit info console
FIX: Movement class modifiers now applied for AI units moving
FIX: AA MG not being able to fire all round
FIX: Gun hits now properly applied to unarmoured targets
FIX: Armour AP modifier calculations, better now for large armour values

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