Development Build – 16 November 2019

I’ve uploaded a new work-in-progress development build, as I work toward Alpha 9. An initial changelog follows to highlight what is new from Alpha 8:


ADD: Canadian nation definitions, Canada’s Best campaign, Commonwealth Sherman II, V, and VC units
ADD: AI units to Patton’s Best and Canada’s Best campaigns: Panzer VIe Tiger, Panzer VIb King Tiger, Marder III M, Jagdpanzer IV, Jagdpanzer 38(t), PSW 234/2 Puma
ADD: AI unit to Poland and Liberation campaigns: Renault FT (MG)
ADD: Unit portraits for: PaK 43, 8.8cm FlaK 18 o. 36, 76.2mm obr. 00/02P
ADD: “Enemy Spotted!” skill; less chance of being ambushed at start of scenario
ADD: Game option to set pause length when a message window is displayed
ADD: Additional portraits for Sherman variants
CNG: Tank portrait for main menu now randomly selected from all tanks and tank destroyers in unit list
CNG: Removed campaign log; instead records for each campaign day are recorded for the campaign and exported at end

Campaign Calendar

ADD: Command to set tank name if none set already
ADD: ‘end_date’ for campaign weeks; can end a combat week before the full 7 days passes
ADD: Additional weeks to Patton’s Best calendar
ADD: Refit weeks, during which player can switch to a new tank model
FIX: Message removed when player’s tank is repaired after being immobilized – was causing incorrect screen display

Campaign Day

ADD: Animation when player moves into a new zone


ADD: Message for when vehicles are unaffected by firepower resolution
ADD: Possible ambush at start of scenario if zone is enemy-controlled: enemy units more likely to spawn behind player, and they activate first
ADD: AP impact may knock weapons off target, clearing all acquired targets
ADD: Sound effect when changing crew command
CNG: Reduced time required to get a response from a support request
CNG: End of campaign day no longer ends a scenario; instead, enemy units start to withdraw from the battlefield
CNG: Light Artillery Car now spawned along with an armoured locomotive
CNG: Acquired Target bonus for point fire and area fire slightly higher at long range
CNG: Armour Penetration checks can now be modified to 0% or 100% chance, meaning that penetration is impossible or automatic, no roll required
CNG: Minor display and layout changes

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