Alpha 9

Alpha 9 is now available for download. There’s likely to still be some bugs and crashes present, so please do let me know about them via email (address in readme) or by posting an issue on the GitHub page. Changelog follows:


ADD: Canadian nation definitions, Canada’s Best campaign, Commonwealth Sherman II, V, and VC units
ADD: AI units to Patton’s Best and Canada’s Best campaigns: Panzer VIe Tiger, Panzer VIb King Tiger, Marder III M, Jagdpanzer IV, Jagdpanzer 38(t), PSW 234/2 Puma
ADD: AI unit to Poland and Liberation campaigns: Renault FT (MG)
ADD: Unit portraits for: PaK 43, 8.8cm FlaK 18 o. 36, 76.2mm obr. 00/02P
ADD: “Enemy Spotted!” skill; less chance of being ambushed at start of scenario
ADD: Game option to set pause length when a message window is displayed
ADD: Additional portraits for Sherman variants
ADD: Snow and Deep Snow ground conditions
ADD: Light Snow, Snow, and Blizzard precepitation and animations
ADD: Campaigns now set regions that determine terrain types on campaign map, seasons, and weather conditions for each season
ADD: 7.5cm leIG 18 Infantry Gun for German forces
ADD: Artillery support in Poland Campaign
CNG: Tank portrait for main menu now randomly selected from all tanks and tank destroyers in unit list
CNG: Removed campaign log; instead records for each campaign day are recorded for the campaign and exported at end
CNG: Campaign ends if commander is killed or seriously injured
CNG: Revised VP award amounts
CNG: Small changes to campaign day mission parameters
CNG: Completed list of combat calendar weeks for Patton’s Best and Canada’s Best campaigns

Campaign Calendar

ADD: Command to set tank name if none set already
ADD: ‘end_date’ for campaign weeks; can end a combat week before the full 7 days passes
ADD: Additional weeks to Patton’s Best calendar
ADD: Refit weeks, during which player can switch to a new tank model
FIX: Message removed when player’s tank is repaired after being immobilized – was causing incorrect screen display

Campaign Day

ADD: Animation when player moves into a new zone
ADD: If player reaches top row of map (or bottom in Fighting Withdrawl), map is scrolled up/down, new map objectives are generated
ADD: Counterattack day mission
ADD: Option to use Advancing Fire when entering an enemy-held zone: uses HE rounds but may pin enemy infantry and gun units if a scenario occurs
CNG: Resupply command tab is now Main Gun tab, allows player to manage Ready Rack for main gun
CNG: 2+ zones can be captured in a single action by enemy in Battle and Fighting Withdrawl missions
CNG: Support attacks now reverted to earlier design, except that player must commit to request attempt and then move without knowing outcome


ADD: Message for when vehicles are unaffected by firepower resolution
ADD: Possible ambush at start of scenario if zone is enemy-controlled: enemy units more likely to spawn behind player, and they activate first
ADD: AP impact may knock weapons off target, clearing all acquired targets
ADD: Sound effect when changing crew command
ADD: Chance of player getting bogged down after moving or pivoting, drive can attempt unbog in next turn
ADD: Animation and effects for Light Snow, Snow, and Blizzard precipitation
ADD: Ready rack contents and Rate of Fire odds display to contextual console
ADD: Option of reloading from Ready Rack, effects, command to manage RR contents
CNG: End of campaign day no longer ends a scenario; instead, enemy units start to withdraw from the battlefield
CNG: Light Artillery Car now spawned along with an armoured locomotive
CNG: Acquired Target bonus for point fire and area fire slightly higher at long range
CNG: Armour Penetration checks can now be modified to 0% or 100% chance, meaning that penetration is impossible or automatic, no roll required
CNG: Minor display and layout changes
FIX: Bug where unarmoured vehicles would not be affected at all by AP hits
FIX: Bug where smoke on player units could disperse right at start of first turn
FIX: Rare crash upon trying to spawn enemy units

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