Alpha 10

Alpha 10 has been packed up and is now available to download. No enormous new additions, but a number of important changes and fixes in this update.

Download Alpha 10.0

Full changelog follows:


ADD: Appropriate (I hope!) age and rank set for new crewmen
ADD: A* path function for campaign day map, used when generating rivers and bridges
CNG: New experience point and leveling system for player crew
CNG: Revised environmental conditions display console in both campaign day and scenario layers
CNG: Enemy unit class spawn odds now stored once in each campaign file, but weeks can modify odds as needed
FIX: Minor display bug when changing game options in the in-game menu
FIX: Bug where resuming a game saved within a scenario would not enter the scenario upon load

Campaign Calendar

ADD: Campaigns can set average enemy resistance levels for that week
CNG: Method of rolling for combat days
FIX: Bug where new week would not start on correct calendar day

Campaign Day

ADD: Rivers and bridges now generated on the Campaign Day map
ADD: Player cannot proceed across rivers unless a bridge is present
ADD: Odds of dirt road generation on campaign day map to region definitions
CNG: How enemy strength levels in zones are calculated
CNG: Standardized cost of support request to 10.0 points per request granted
CNG: Moving with an active air/artillery support request adds time: +10 mins for air, +15 mins for artillery
CNG: Destroyed units from player squad only replenished when player requests resupply
CNG: If player moves in enemy-held zone and no scenario is triggered, possible that requested support level is still depleted
CNG: Reorganized right column, made day mission console much smaller and gave more space to Zone Info display
KNOWN ISSUE: Campaign Day maps can sometimes be generated where rivers block all paths to the opposite hexrow – working on it


ADD: Possible direct hit from air and artillery attacks: destroys infantry and gun units, unarmoured or open-topped vehicles, and doubles effective firepower on armoured targets
ADD: Moving from Woods and Marsh terrain requires an extra bog check before movement begins
ADD: Reposition command for Driver: generates new terrain / HD status (also for rest of squad), always successful, but bog and breakdown checks are required
ADD: Sound effects for: moving shells to/from the ready rack; generating smoke from a grenade or mortar; toggling crew hatch; hull down save
CNG: Terrain for destination hex now used for normal bog checks
CNG: Must have a clear friendly-controlled path to lower map edge or else no resupply possible
FIX: Minor bug where player could become bogged from pivoting after they were already bogged from movement (no additional effect, but did show notification twice)
FIX: Lack of message when enemy unit takes FP and would have to take a pin test but is already pinned

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