Alpha 11

Alpha 11 is now available for download. Changelog follows:


ADD: Finnish national definitions, flag, start of a Winter War campaign
ADD: Soviet armoured cars BA-20 and BA-6, ZIS-5 truck, SU-12 SPG, BT-7A artillery tank, 45mm obr. 1932 anti-tank gun
ADD: Turret-mounted weapons can now have a list of directions relative to the vehicle hull through which firing is not allowed
ADD: Fatigue system for crewmen: reduces skill effects by 1% per point, fatigue is accumulated through combat but a higher Morale stat will reduce the amount added
ADD: Birthdays for crewmen, crewman will age by one year if their birthday passes
ADD: “Target Focus” skill: reduces negative effect of precipitation when firing a Gun
ADD: Final campaign summary displays outcome for player character: KIA, Discharged, or Transferred
ADD: Crew may receive a promotion to a higher rank depending on their level, check is made automatically once per week
CNG: Knowledge stat now increases all skill bonuses
CNG: Removed the ‘Map Areas Defended’ stat, was never working properly
CNG: Dead and seriously injured crewmen won’t be replaced until resupply or end of day
CNG: Improved design of weather info console
FIX: Bug where if player set the default ammo load, it was still possible to add more ammo
FIX: Bug where if the campaign day had ended but player was still in a scenario, if the game was saved and continued it would not progress past the campaign calendar level, and the scenario object was never deleted
FIX: Bug where sound system would not be properly re-initialized if sounds were re-enabled in the options menu
FIX: Minor display bug where a tank’s nickname may overwrite the unit type’s nickname (eg. Firefly)
FIX: Spinning wheel of death sometimes on Windows during long automated sequences; have added additional console flushes within loops, seems better now
FIX: Pathfinding function for hexmaps, can now detect when generated Campaign Day rivers and bridges make it impassible

Campaign Calendar

ADD: Current tank info now displayed when considering whether to choose a new tank model during refits
FIX: Crash at start of refitting weeks

Campaign Day

ADD: Hatch toggle command in crew menu tab
ADD: Random event where crew lose a number of fatigue points equal to their morale stat
ADD: Check to ensure that a live driver is in the position before movement on the map proceeds
ADD: Command to abandon tank; penalty of 1/2 of VP earned that day
CNG: Improvements to appearance of snow-covered Campaign Day map
CNG: Fighting Withdrawl mission now awards 0 VP for capturing enemy-held zones, but a bonus 1 VP per enemy unit destroyed
CNG: Time required to travel to front lines reduced
CNG: Slight change to order of events after a scenario finishes; should improve handling end of day either during or immediately following a scenario


ADD: If no crewman has an open hatch on player tank, much greater chance of being ambushed at start of scenario
ADD: If player tank is tagged as “recce”, less chance of being ambushed
ADD: Random events: random enemy AFV is immobilized; random unspotted enemy unit is revealed
ADD: Withdraw command for Driver: can withdraw from a scenario if no enemy units are within 2 hexes, player moves to random adjacent friendly-controlled hex zone on the Campaign Day map
ADD: When spawning enemy units, once a unit type as been selected for a given class, that type will be used for all further units of that class spawned in this scenario
ADD: Weapons can jam upon use, but operating crewman automatically tests to unjam at start of every player turn; also automatically unjammed at the end of a scenario
FIX: Crash when a crewman is Stunned and then tries to use a skill
FIX: Crash when AI units hit with 75LL gun
FIX: Crash if player tried to cycle ammo type on an MG weapon
FIX: Bug where skill bonuses were not being calculated properly
FIX: Minor display bug in air attacks
FIX: AP modifiers not being calculated properly
CNG: Unarmoured targets now take an AP test to be destroyed rather than an AP hit applying firepower
CNG: If an ambush occurs, enemy units now much more likely to attack player or player squad during their initial activation
CNG: Player presses Enter rather than Tab to confirm fire attack
CNG: Area attack effect modifiers now rounded to a single decimal place
CNG: Simplified smoke cover system

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