Armoured Commander II – Version 2.0.0

The main downloadable build for ArmCom2 has been updated to version 2.0.0, bringing a number of improvements and fixes that I’ve been working on over the past few weeks. Full changelog follows:

Version 2.0.0 Changelog


ADD: Load saved campaign menu
ADD: Confirmation step when starting a new campaign that would erase a saved one
ADD: “Loading…” screen when loading a saved campaign
ADD: “Shaken” condition for crewmen, slightly more likely to be injured while Shaken
ADD: British AI units: A9 Cruiser Mk I CS, Mk VI B, A13 Mk I (for player and AI), A11 Matilda, OQF 2-Pounder AT Gun, Morris CS9 (MG), Daimler Scout Car (Dingo), OQF 25-Pounder, OQF 4.5″ Howitzer, OQF 3.7″ Gun, Morris 15 cwt Truck
ADD: French units: Char B-1 bis (for player and AI), AMD 35, SA-L 34, SA 37 APX, 75mm mle 1897, 105mm C mle 1935, Laffly S20TL, Citroen 23
ADD: Check to see if a saved game would be overwritten when selecting a random campaign
ADD: Crewmen can switch to other positions within the player tank:

  • crewmen have a position that they are normally supposed to be in
  • crewman can take on any position, but if it require more training than they already have, they will suffer negative modifers to attack, move rolls, etc.
  • one crewman must be on the Switch Position command if the switch is taking place during a scenario
  • the switch position menu will pop up at the start of the Crew Action phase, before any other actions are possible
  • any crewmen that swap positions during a scenario will have their command set to None
    if the player is resupplied during a campaign day, any dead bodies in the tank will be removed
  • at end of day, crewmen move back to their usual position before new recruits are added to fill up any remaining empty positions

ADD: Historical disclaimer and copyright notice in loading logo screen
ADD: Grenades and Flame Thrower weapons for AI units
ADD: Gun weapons can define a different effective HE firepower rating than their calibre would normally use
ADD: Check to see if campaign json files can be parsed, campaign file won’t be loaded and will be skipped if not
ADD: To-hit and armour penetration modifiers for APCR and APDS ammo types
ADD: Space for a description of each campaign week
CNG: New injury and condition system for crewmen
CNG: Light and Heavy injuries will be healed at end of combat day
CNG: Injuries can now cause fatigue to accumulate
CNG: Saved games are now organized per campaign and player can keep one saved game per campaign
CNG: Player tanks can now load up to 15% more ammo per gun than safe maximum
CNG: If player tank is knocked out with extra ammo, greater chance of crew injury: if gun is <= 37mm, +1% per extra shell, otherwise +2% per extra shell
CNG: “Permadeath” campaign option now called “Player Commander”
CNG: Increased range of anti-tank rifles to 2 hexes
CNG: Removed “Field Gun” as a unit class, all now counted as “Artillery Gun”
CNG: Anti-tank Rifles now assigned to specialist teams rather than being carried by infantry squads
CNG: Minor change to Northwestern Europe regional settings to prevent chance of snow in May
FIX: No longer possible to spend advance points on dead crewmen
FIX: Was not possible to remove any shells from the Ready Rack if the general stores were already full, now there’s a 1-shell allowance beyond max+extra to allow this
FIX: Bug where switching font size would deinitialize the sound engine and mess up keyboard input
FIX: Bug where crewman bailed-out flags would not be reset about bail out procedure
FIX: If player selected an assault gun or tank destroyer, no squadmates were spawned
FIX: Removed silence at end of theme song before loop

Campaigns and Campaign Calendar

CNG: Campaigns can now define two or more enemy nations, only units of one nation will be encountered in a single scenario
CNG: Improved appearance of menus
FIX: Now actually possible to switch between guns in Ammo Load menu
FIX: Journal entries now wrap properly in the journal menu tab display

Campaign Day

ADD: Cycle selected gun command in supply menu, can display ammo for 2+ guns
ADD: Campaign weeks can modify the standard terrain type odds from the standard for that region
CNG: Crew no longer replaced during a combat day, player must end day to get replacements
CNG: Improved display layout of Movement tab of Command menu


ADD: Crewmen with head/neck injury that is Heavy or worse have a penalty to spot
ADD: Crewmen with leg/foot injuries that are Heavy or worse have a penalty to bailing out
ADD: Crewmen with arm/hand injuries that are Heavy or worse have a penalty to gun/MG attacks
ADD: Firepower resolution pop-up window
ADD: Infantry and Guns can be Reduced as a result of firepower; greater chance of being destroyed in future, and attacks from them are less effective
ADD: Infantry and Guns can be Routed as a result of firepower; will not attack and can only move further away
ADD: Overrun attack for player: must have 1+ enemy infantry or gun units in front of player:

  • no other movement possible but player and rest of squad counts as moving
  • any MG attacks against targets in front of player are more effective
  • target’s gun shield, entrenched, or dug-in modifiers do not apply
  • ADD: Close Combat weapon type and attack procedure
  • mostly initiated by enemy infantry squads, using grenades
  • must be within 1 hex to attack, count as moving after the attack
  • attack will apply firepower on infantry/guns, AP hit on vehicles
  • always count as hitting the side of a target vehicle
  • modifiers slightly different from point fire and area fire attacks
  • enemy infantry will tend to avoid close combat attacks, since it makes them more vulnerable, especially if they are already fortified
  • if a crewman is CE during a close combat attack and the tank is knocked out, greater chance of being injured as a result
  • only applicable against targets in adjacent hex immediately forward of player
  • player and squad count as moving for that turn but will not move into a new hex
  • Overrun area fire attacks against spotted enemy guns or infantry suffer no movement/turret rotation/pivot penalties, and targets get no bonus from being dug-in or entrenched

ADD: During allied action and enemy action phase, the context console displays info about ongoing attacks
ADD: Crewmen in area of tank (either hull or turret/superstructure) that was hit by AP round knocking it out are more likely to be injured as a result
ADD: If player tank is knocked out by a Flame Thrower, very high chance that tank will burn up
ADD: Movement bonus for vehicles with Off Road capability
ADD: Portrait for unspotted enemy units
CNG: Enemy guns are abandoned if the unit was routed and the crew move away, no VP awarded
CNG: Enemy units hit by firepower are no longer automatically spotted next turn, but they are easier to spot
CNG: Slightly increased chance of pinning infantry and gun units
CNG: Hull-mounted guns now have a higher penalty for firing at a moving target
CNG: Guns with turntables (or similar fast rotation) have a lower penalty for firing at a moving target
CNG: Adjusted base fp to-destroy chance on infantry and guns
CNG: Right-click unit info pop-up now also displays the unit type description
FIX: Added missing terrain effect modifiers for vehicles for some terrain types
FIX: Slightly changed order of sound effect and message when a unit is destroyed, fixes bug where notification of truck contents would appear before message about it being destroyed
FIX: Missing movement bonus for Fast Wheeled vehicles
FIX: Bug where fate points would save player from AP but the displayed AP roll would appear to have passed
FIX: Minor display errors

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