Armoured Commander II 5.1.0 Released

Update 5.1.0 is now live on Steam, bringing a number of fixes, improvements, and additions, most notably a new campaign covering the German Afrika Korps during 1941. Full changelog follows:

5.1.0 Changelog

ADD: Afrika Korps 1941 Campaign
ADD: Display of relative facing of enemy units in unit info console
ADD: British AI Units: Bren Gun Carrier, AT Rifle Carrier, Humber II, Crusader I CS
ADD: Hull-mounted weapons can be set to have a larger field of view than just the front facing (eg. Crusader I Hull MG)
ADD: Random scenario event: enemy infantry or HMG teams may fire at player to harrass them, can cause injury to exposed crewmen
CNG: Capture VP value for a zone only displayed if it can be captured (eg. not for most zones on desert maps)
CNG: Capture VP calculation for zones in Spearhead mission
CNG: Changed odds of weather change, should avoid odd weather developing during the day
CNG: Close Combat hits on armoured vehicles also apply firepower
CNG: HE hits on armoured vehicles also apply firepower
FIX: Enemy units could dig-in when they were already entrenched or fortified
FIX: If player withdrew from a battle and there were no adjacent friendly-controlled zones, they wouldn’t go anywhere
FIX: Enemy units now moved to top of their hex stack before activation
FIX: Crash when Player Commander was sent to field hospital for a period beyond end of campaign calendar
FIX: Incorrect handling of Grazing Hit injury result

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