Armoured Commander II 6.0.0 Released

A new major update for Armoured Commander II, 6.0.0, has now gone live on Steam. This update brings a much-needed revision of the enemy AI system, which should make combat quite a bit more challenging and unpredictable. Full changelog follows:

Changelog for 6.0.0

ADD: Saved campaigns are now automatically backed up, and if a save is corrupted, the player will have option of restoring the backup
ADD: New campaign options, revised campaign options menu
ADD: Optional creator field for campaigns
ADD: Advanced versions of skills can remove obsolete version when purchased
ADD: Message with info on how many advances surviving crew receive when continuing in a new campaign
ADD: Moon phase calculated for each combat day, no game effect yet but is displayed in end-of-day screen
ADD: King Tiger as enemy unit in Canada’s Best and Patton’s Best campaigns
ADD: New bail-out procedure with its own rounds and crew actions
ADD: More details after-action report after each combat day
ADD: Display of number of maps traversed, direction arrows for direction of new map area, to Campaign Day interface
ADD: Animated transition when entering into a scenario from the Campaign Day map
ADD: After a successful move action on the scenario map, player can try to move into a particular type of terrain (similar to the reposition menu), squadmates will also attempt to move into this terrain type
ADD: Dust status for units on the Scenario map – only possible in dry ground conditions, doesn’t stack with Smoke but has similar effects, more likely when moving and in sand/hamada terrain, much less likely if not Vehicle
ADD: Game option to have all messages require keyboard input to be dismissed; gives players as much time as they need to read the message
ADD: Lake terrain type for Campaign Day map, impassible
ADD: New Skill: “Eye for Terrain”: for drivers, increases chance of moving or repositioning into desired terrain type
ADD: New Skill: “Explorer”: increases chance that a crossing will be found when fording a river on the Campaign Day map
ADD: New Skill: “Tactical Retreat”: bonus chance to withdraw from a battle when Directing Movement
ADD: New Skill: “Mechanic”: decreases chance of engine stall when moving on the Scenario map
ADD: New Skill: “Shell Tosser”: increases RoF chance bonus from Pass Ammo command
ADD: New Skill: “Gun Maintenance”: reduces chance of weapon jam and breakdown when Loader is reloading the weapon
ADD: Option to keep current tank after a campaign is finished and continuing into a new campaign
ADD: Reassign crewmen menu, used for when crewmen return from the field hospital and when transferring to a new tank with fewer positions than previous model
ADD: “Fixed” turret type for vehicles that don’t have a rotatable turret but still have a superstructure location where the main gun is mounted
ADD: Confirmation step before abandoning tank

CNG: Final VP score also added to player records regardless of campaign options
CNG: Campaign options apply a modifier to VP score instead
CNG: Start and end time for combat days is now automatically calculated based on calendar day and geographic location
CNG: Class for all small team units to “Support Weapons Team”
CNG: Rivers on the Campaign Day map are not no longer impassible, but require move travel time,
and there’s a chance that the time will be spent but the player is unable to find a crossing point
CNG: Zone capture across rivers much less likely now
CNG: Ballistic weapons (eg. mortars) cannot be used in close combat defensive fire
CNG: Smoke and Dust in attacker’s location affect fire attacks much less than when smoke/dust are in target location
CNG: Smoke Grenades and Smoke Mortar Rounds now tracked over each Campaign Day, replenished after a successful Resupply attempt and at start of new day
CNG: Message pop-ups can now display crewmen names with full extended characters
CNG: Hull MGs only blocked if facing same direction as HD
CNG: Reorganized campaign calendar menu to display longer week descriptions
CNG: Player Commander names now displayed in gold color
CNG: Revised AI system
CNG: When resolving firepower and a Reduced result is rolled for, Small Teams are Destroyed instead
CNG: Player can now abandon tank when any weapon is broken

FIX: Crewmen who swap into a position that has no hatch will no longer bring their CE status with them
FIX: Incorrect calendar week dates in Patton’s Best
FIX: Incorrect visible hexes for crewmen in open topped or always exposed positions
FIX: Guns on Jagdpanzer IV and 38(t) now reloaded by Loader
FIX: Campaign week not being updated when Player Commander returns from a Field Hospital stay
FIX: Was possible to continue an incompatible saved campaign from the main menu, even though the key command was greyed out
FIX: Continuing into a new campaign no longer possible if a Player Commander is dead
FIX: Withdrawing from a battle did not correctly trigger end of the Campaign Day if sunset had already arrived
FIX: Artillery attacks now correctly apply firepower on vehicle targets (including player)
FIX: Scenario will now end right away if all enemy units destroyed by initial air or artillery support attack
FIX: Player gun will now switch to general stores right after last shell in Ready Rack is fired
FIX: Rear-facing AA MGs will now have their covered hexes set properly

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