Armoured Commander II – Update 6.1.0 Released

Update 6.1.0 has now gone live on Steam, bringing a ton of new content and a number of fixes to the game. Changelog follows:

Changelog for 6.1.0

ADD: Western Front Campaign – late-war German forces on the Western Front, June 1944 to March 1945 (thanks flori2412!)
ADD: Monty’s Best Campaign – late-war British forces on the Western Front, June 1944 to March 1945 (thanks flori2412!)
ADD: Churchill IV, Churchill V, Churchill VI, Churchill VII, Churchill VIII, Churchill AVRE, 3in SPM M10, Achilles
ADD: Cromwell I, Cromwell VI, Challenger, Valentine XI, AEC II, AEC III, Otter, Sexton, Staghound I
ADD: M7 and M7B1 Priest, M3 halftrack, M3A1 halftrack, Ford F15, Willys MB, M29 Weasel
ADD: OQF 6-Pounder, OQF 17-Pounder
ADD: Free French nation definition
ADD: Quick Reflexes, Lightning Reflexes crewman skills
ADD: Support for arrow key input for WASD key inputs
CNG: Additional enemy units and support for Patton’s Best and Canada’s Best campaigns (thanks flori2412!)
CNG: When enemy units attack the player’s zone, guns and armoured train cars are now much less likely to spawn in the battle that follows
CNG: Minor changes to unit spawn chances for Soviet enemy units, class spawn chances in the Barbarossa (Germany) campaign
CNG: Message in contextual console when in Command Phase and selected crewman is dead
CNG: Crew menu default activation key now E
FIX: Number of scenarios fought was not being recorded properly for Steam achievement
FIX: Concealment check now skipped at end of scenario if all enemies have been destroyed
FIX: Crash when resupply arrived and tried to take away the body of a dead crewman
FIX: Crash after end of a scenario when there is an empty position in the tank
FIX: Bug where crewmen would not recover from Shaken, Stunned, or Unconscious status after a Scenario
FIX: Bug where crewmen could close a hatch that had already been opened in the bail-out minigame

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