Armoured Commander II – Update 7.0.0 Released

Update 7.0.0 has now gone live on Steam, bringing a significant new gameplay element in the form of Unit Support. Full changelog follows:

Changelog for 7.0.0

ADD: New Commander skill: Improved Recon, Recon reports on enemy resistance will be more accurate
ADD: LoS highlight on scenario map when AI units are attacking
ADD: Unit Support: Player can call in friendly groups of units before entering an enemy-held zone
ADD: If player is attacked in own zone, chance that some support units will be nearby and will join the battle, no support level cost
ADD: Rare ammo types: APCR, APDS, and HEAT; added to units where historically appropriate
ADD: Some unit types may have limited amounts of HE or AP depending on calendar date
ADD: Ammo Scrounger skill: Increased number of rare ammo available at start of day
ADD: Acclimatized (Desert) and Acclimatized (Nordic) skills: Reduced chance of gaining fatigue from Extreme Hot/Cold conditions
ADD: Panzer IV F1 to Barbarossa to Moscow (Germany) campaign
ADD: Panzerfaust; Germany riflemen squads in mid- and late-war will randomly be equipped with them
ADD: Demolition Charges and Molotovs; riflemen squads randomly equipped with them
ADD: Weapon stat for AA MG allowing operation when not CE (will be used for eg. AA MG on M3 Lee)
ADD: Display of air/artillery unit portrait when doing support attack
ADD: Conceal/Reveal Self movement command
ADD: Crewman fatigue now modifies weapon attacks and bog chance
ADD: Crashes now output a timestamped crashlog to the {home}/ArmCom2 directory
ADD: Player crew may be Shaken if a fellow crewman is KIA
ADD: Friendly reinforcement (either a possible player tank or a unit from unit support) random event for scenarios
ADD: Steam Acheivements for 8 of Diamonds to the Ace of Diamonds
ADD: BT-5 M34 and BT-7 M37 as player tanks to Barbarossa to Moscow (Soviet Union) Campaign and as enemy units in Germany campaign

CNG: Enemy units are now spawned into zones on the Campaign Day map, player can get a rough idea of enemy presence during recon
CNG: If player withdraws from a scenario, surviving enemy units will still be in that zone
CNG: Support levels now reduced by 5, 10, or 15 points (equal chance of each) upon a successful request
CNG: Support Weapon Teams now defined per nation and included as part of enemy spawn table
CNG: Units transported by enemy units like trucks and APCs are now defined by the campaign rather than being generic for that unit type
CNG: Enemy air and artillery support units now divided by nation
CNG: Reorganized Ammo Load menu
CNG: RoF slightly harder if no target yet acquired, slightly easier if target acquired
CNG: Reduced AP of Grenades
CNG: All AI attacks are now indicated with a pop-up message, not just those targeting the player
CNG: Unjam weapon attempt no longer automatic, crewman must be on correct command to attempt, and Mechanic and Gun Maintenance skills each give a bonus to this attempt
CNG: Scenario map hex highlight colour to yellow
CNG: Minor changes to bail-out action modifiers
CNG: Base crewman fatigue level to -2
CNG: Change to how Campaign Day map zone control is handled for campaigns set in North Africa
CNG: If player withdraws from a scenario and has to cross a river during the subsequent move on the Campaign Day map, automatically finds a crossing point
CNG: Advancing fire with no HE or with limited HE (using MGs only) is possible, but less effective
CNG: Poppy display on main menu is now generated rather than loaded from .xp file; different appearance from 1st-11th November

FIX: Player bail-out will now end if only crewmen not yet in safe location are dead
FIX: Rounding error in display of player tank VP modifier in After-Action Report
FIX: Crash when Player Commander returned to action during a refit week
FIX: Zone control being reset after moving into a new Campaign Day map area made some objectives impossible to complete
FIX: Crash when crewman’s critical injury worsens and leads to death

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