Update 1.2.29

I’ve retreated from Twitter since it’s turned into a real mess, so I’m going to try and post updates here more often. A new version has just hit Steam, changelog appears below:

1.2.29 Changelog

ADD: Mods may now include custom region and/or nation definitions, stored in nation_defs.json and region_defs.json in the mod’s root folder
ADD: Mods may now include custom flag and/or decoration ribbon xp images as part of their custom nation definitions, these should be stored in the mod’s root folder

CNG: Region definitions now stored as JSON data in region_defs.json

FIX: Bail-out actions involving unconscious crewmen are now more clear, and won’t disrupt the action list if there are 2+ unconscious crewman in the same position as the crewman trying to act upon them
FIX: When Player Commander spent time in the Field Hospital, the days remaining for other crewmen were not being updated properly
FIX: Console background colour now properly reset when viewing campaign records
FIX: Updated Crusader I CS unit definition to match fix for Crusader I

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