Development Build – 9 February 2020

I’ve uploaded a new development build to the usual download location. This version fixes the crash upon engaging a motorcycle unit in close combat from Alpha 12, and adds a number of new features that I’m working on for Alpha 13.

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Alpha 12

Alpha 12 is now available to download. Some of the more significant changes are listed below, followed by the full changelog:

  • Players now have the option to enable permadeath and/or Fate Points at the start of their campaign. Permadeath means that if your Commander is killed or seriously injured, your campaign ends. Fate Points are hidden from the player but will turn a potentially deadly hit on the player tank into a miss, a few times per day.
  • The Armour Penetration procedure has been revised and improved
  • Enemy trucks and half-track transports may now be spawned carrying infantry, which they will unload next to the player if they can
  • Player squad members are now tracked individually, and may be different tank models than that of the player
  • Fixed a serious bug where crewmen who were killed when the player’s tank was knocked out were brought back to life after the End of Day screen was shown
  • Objectives on the Campaign Day map are now Targets of Opportunity, which are spawned randomly but still provide a Victory Point bonus for capture
  • Units can engage in Close Combat; the player can attack enemy units in the hex directly in front of them if the Driver is on a Drive command, and enemy infantry squads can assault the player squad
  • Enemy infantry and guns can be dug-in, entrenched, or fortified, making them much more difficult to destroy
  • Pop-up messages can now highlight a hex on the Campaign Day or Scenario map. The animation needs improvement but it does a better job of indicating where on the map the event is taking place
  • Fixed a serious bug where enemy units that moved off the Scenario map caused the game to crash. Units will now leave the battlefield properly.
  • Added a few French units for 1940 but the full campaign is not yet ready, the Battle for France campaigns will be added in future development builds and will be available for play from Alpha 13


ADD: Smoke rounds for some tank models, mostly in Late War
ADD: Display of fatigued status for crewmen
ADD: German Motorcycle Infantry to September Campaign
ADD: Finnish 76 K/02 Gun
ADD: Light/Heavy ground pressure to some vehicles, modifies bog chance
ADD: Campaign Options: player can choose whether to enable commander permadeath and/or fate points at start of campaign
ADD: French H35, H35 (Late), SOMUA S35, and R35 (Late) tanks
ADD: Half-Tracked movement class
ADD: SPW 251/1 to German AI units
ADD: Some messages will pause on the screen for longer: sniper attacks, gun breakdown
CNG: Appearance of campaign selection menu
CNG: Revised AP calculation procedure
CNG: Trucks will now either be transporting an infantry squad or HMG team, or be carrying cargo. Certain types of cargo are worth bonus VP when destroyed.
CNG: Broken or jammed weapons now indicated in unit info display
CNG: Player squad members now tracked individually, can be different models from player tank
FIX: Added missing stone road generation odds for Nordic region
FIX: Dead crewmen now have fatigue set to 0
FIX: Fighting Withdrawl -> Fighting Withdrawal
FIX: Dead crewmen now properly shown as such on End of Day screen
FIX: Dead crewman miraculously recovering after End of Day screen is shown

Campaign Day

ADD: Crewmen may lose fatigue points during resupply
ADD: Stone/improved roads on CD map
ADD: Pop-up messages can now highlight a hex zone on the Campaign Day map and appear adjacent to it
CNG: Main Gun menu tab now “Supply”, removed Support tab
CNG: Support options now hidden when moving into friendly zone on Campaign Day map
CNG: Objectives now Targets of Opportunity: added via random event, always in high enemy strength zones but provide substantial VP bonus if captured


ADD: Close Combat procedure for player squad; phase and command appears when driver is on Drive command and there are 1+ infantry or gun units in hex immediately in front of player squad
ADD: Dug-in and entrenched status for AI infantry and guns; less likely to move, units can be spawned as such or can attempt to dig-in during their activation; reduces effectiveness of firepower attacks; status lost if unit moves
ADD: Fortified status for AI infantry and guns; small arms and MGs much less effective, HE hits may destroy fortifications
ADD: Rubble terrain type
ADD: Possible to use Fate Point if player character is hit by a sniper, turned into a near-miss
ADD: Range AP modifiers for AT rifles
ADD: New random events: Enemy air attack on player, enemy artillery attack on player
ADD: First Aid command, gives bonus to any other crewman trying to recover from Critical Wound, being Stunned, or Unconscious
ADD: Small chance of weapon breakdown after use for player
ADD: New random event; enemy infantry assault on player
ADD: Pop-up messages can now highlight a hex zone on the scenario map and appear adjacent to it
CNG: Improved appearance of unit smoke
CNG: Modified success odds and effect of air and artillery attacks
CNG: Slightly decreased chance of a direct hit from air/arty attack
CNG: Slightly increased base length of time that pop-up messages are displayed
FIX: Bug where firepower for air and artillery attacks was not actually applied
FIX: Bug where enemy unit spawn would freeze game if 2+ units of the same class were rolled
FIX: Crash upon a crewman getting hit by a sniper
FIX: Bug where RoF bonuses were not stacking properly
FIX: Crewmen with Critical Wounds now check for death/recovery properly each turn
FIX: Bug where AI units were not accumulating move bonuses properly
FIX: Crash when attempting to remove AI units that had moved off the scenario map
FIX: No shock test if player tank has been destroyed

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Alpha 12 Release Candidate 1

The development build has been updated to Alpha 12 Release Candidate 1. This means that all the features and fixes are in place for Alpha 12, but it still needs some more testing before I can make it more generally available. This version fixes a couple long-standing bugs: a crash that occurred when AI units moved beyond the edge of the scenario map, and another bug where crewmen would rise from the dead upon the start of a new campaign day.

I’ve added a few French tanks but the full Battle of France campaign isn’t ready yet (it needs quite a few new German AI units) so that will have to wait for a post-Alpha 12 development build.

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Development Build – 18 January 2020

The work-in-progress development build has been updated yet again, with some fixes and the new features that I’ve been working on recently.

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Development Build – 14 January 2019

The work-in progress development build has again been updated, with bugfixes, crash fixes, and some new statuses for AI infantry and guns, who can now be dug-in, entrenched, or fortified.

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Development Build – 11 January 2020

The work-in-progress development build has been updated to fix a crash upon a friendly air or artillery attack.

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Development Build – 9 January 2020

I’ve uploaded a new work-in-progress development build to the usual location. Important additions include smoke ammo (mostly for late-war tanks) and the start of a close assault system. Right now only the player can initiate close combat, but this will be expanded in the future so that AI unit can also assault the player squad.

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Alpha 11

Alpha 11 is now available for download. Changelog follows:


ADD: Finnish national definitions, flag, start of a Winter War campaign
ADD: Soviet armoured cars BA-20 and BA-6, ZIS-5 truck, SU-12 SPG, BT-7A artillery tank, 45mm obr. 1932 anti-tank gun
ADD: Turret-mounted weapons can now have a list of directions relative to the vehicle hull through which firing is not allowed
ADD: Fatigue system for crewmen: reduces skill effects by 1% per point, fatigue is accumulated through combat but a higher Morale stat will reduce the amount added
ADD: Birthdays for crewmen, crewman will age by one year if their birthday passes
ADD: “Target Focus” skill: reduces negative effect of precipitation when firing a Gun
ADD: Final campaign summary displays outcome for player character: KIA, Discharged, or Transferred
ADD: Crew may receive a promotion to a higher rank depending on their level, check is made automatically once per week
CNG: Knowledge stat now increases all skill bonuses
CNG: Removed the ‘Map Areas Defended’ stat, was never working properly
CNG: Dead and seriously injured crewmen won’t be replaced until resupply or end of day
CNG: Improved design of weather info console
FIX: Bug where if player set the default ammo load, it was still possible to add more ammo
FIX: Bug where if the campaign day had ended but player was still in a scenario, if the game was saved and continued it would not progress past the campaign calendar level, and the scenario object was never deleted
FIX: Bug where sound system would not be properly re-initialized if sounds were re-enabled in the options menu
FIX: Minor display bug where a tank’s nickname may overwrite the unit type’s nickname (eg. Firefly)
FIX: Spinning wheel of death sometimes on Windows during long automated sequences; have added additional console flushes within loops, seems better now
FIX: Pathfinding function for hexmaps, can now detect when generated Campaign Day rivers and bridges make it impassible

Campaign Calendar

ADD: Current tank info now displayed when considering whether to choose a new tank model during refits
FIX: Crash at start of refitting weeks

Campaign Day

ADD: Hatch toggle command in crew menu tab
ADD: Random event where crew lose a number of fatigue points equal to their morale stat
ADD: Check to ensure that a live driver is in the position before movement on the map proceeds
ADD: Command to abandon tank; penalty of 1/2 of VP earned that day
CNG: Improvements to appearance of snow-covered Campaign Day map
CNG: Fighting Withdrawl mission now awards 0 VP for capturing enemy-held zones, but a bonus 1 VP per enemy unit destroyed
CNG: Time required to travel to front lines reduced
CNG: Slight change to order of events after a scenario finishes; should improve handling end of day either during or immediately following a scenario


ADD: If no crewman has an open hatch on player tank, much greater chance of being ambushed at start of scenario
ADD: If player tank is tagged as “recce”, less chance of being ambushed
ADD: Random events: random enemy AFV is immobilized; random unspotted enemy unit is revealed
ADD: Withdraw command for Driver: can withdraw from a scenario if no enemy units are within 2 hexes, player moves to random adjacent friendly-controlled hex zone on the Campaign Day map
ADD: When spawning enemy units, once a unit type as been selected for a given class, that type will be used for all further units of that class spawned in this scenario
ADD: Weapons can jam upon use, but operating crewman automatically tests to unjam at start of every player turn; also automatically unjammed at the end of a scenario
FIX: Crash when a crewman is Stunned and then tries to use a skill
FIX: Crash when AI units hit with 75LL gun
FIX: Crash if player tried to cycle ammo type on an MG weapon
FIX: Bug where skill bonuses were not being calculated properly
FIX: Minor display bug in air attacks
FIX: AP modifiers not being calculated properly
CNG: Unarmoured targets now take an AP test to be destroyed rather than an AP hit applying firepower
CNG: If an ambush occurs, enemy units now much more likely to attack player or player squad during their initial activation
CNG: Player presses Enter rather than Tab to confirm fire attack
CNG: Area attack effect modifiers now rounded to a single decimal place
CNG: Simplified smoke cover system

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Happy Birthday, ArmCom2!

Although I intially started working on what would eventually become this game in February 2016, it took quite a few false starts and blind alleys until I finally figured out my approach and started in earnest on the current iteration on January 2, 2019. Here’s to at least another year of further improvement and development!

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Development Build – 1st January 2020

I’ve uploaded a new work-in-progress development build to show off what I’ve been working on over the past few days. In addition to minor changes and bugfixes, I’ve added the start of a Finnish Winter War campaign that shows off winter conditions quite well. It’s not finished yet; more detail needs to be added to the campaign calendar weeks.

Full changelog will follow with Alpha 11.

Edit: This build has already been updated a few times today with new features and bugfixes, the most recent is version “0.11.0 01-01-20c”

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