Alpha 1 Released

Alpha 1 of Armoured Commander II is now available to download from the link above. No changes from rc-2 since it seems to be pretty stable, but please do report any crashes to armouredcommander [at] gmail [dot] com.

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New Build – Alpha 1-rc2

I’ve updated the weekly build with some fixes and additions in preparation for Alpha 1, changelog follows:

– Added reverse move: no chance of bonus move afterward
– Fixed a rare display bug when an enemy unit is spotted right at the start of a battle encounter
– Added an end-of-day summary and records kept throughout the day
– Minor fixes and improvements

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Weekly Build – Alpha 1 Release Candidate 1

This week’s weekly build is a little different, it’s an initial attempt to put together something that is, while still far from complete, playable enough to be called an Alpha. Download it here from the usual location. There is still a long way to go, but I hope that fans of the original Armoured Commander and new fans of ArmCom2 will be willing to give this one a try. Lots of changes from the previous week, hopefully most are lsited below:

– Improved movement display in contextual console
– Changed pin test mechanics; now possible on every FP resolution roll
– Increased base chance of battle encounter when entering enemy-held zone
– Fixed a crash when resolving an MG hit on armoured target, fixed procedure for AP MG hits
– Enabling sounds will now init the sound mixer and load samples if required
– Fixed: To-hit indicator being displayed on wrong side of hit/miss band
– Fixed: Player Line of Sight being displayed at wrong times
– Fixed: Mousewheel up not cycling units in a hex stack properly
– Added allied tanks to player’s squadron, generated at start of campaign day
– If an allied tank is destroyed in a battle, its slot won’t be available for remainder of day
– Improved mouseover info on units
– Nation definitions are now stored in the session object
– Player-allied units in their unit group now move automatically with the player unit
– Removed personnel stats and unit morale levels, will use personnel traits in the future
– Changed FP resolution to a hidden roll, modified result chance calculations
– Added Broken result to FP resolution: unit cannot act at all until it recovers
– Removed invisible player luck points
– Slightly increased the effect of armour level on penetration chance
– Updated version number tracking and check of saved game version
– Changed a number of minor game settings
– Added a progress bar to the campaign day screen indicating how much of the combat day remains

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Weekly Build 2018-04-07

I had some time to further develop ArmCom2 today so I put together a new weekly build to show it off. Changelog follows:

Changelog for 2018-04-07

– Added a line re: key commands for switching active menu in scenario action menu
– All scenario map hex console images are now procedurally generated
– Added a simple victory point system
– Added a directional line to the campaign day map when setting a direction to recon or travel
– Enemy units are now spawned facing player location
– Added attack chance penalties for when attacker pivoted; rotated turret
– Roads are now generated on the campaign day map, travel time to an adjacent zone is different depending on whether or not there is a road link
РAdded dummy units back in; two additional dummy  units will be spawned at start of scenario regardless of how many real enemies were generated
– Added Hull Down status
– Can be gained by vehicles on spawn or upon moving into a new hex
– Player can command unit to attempt a HD position in the current facing direction
– Cannot do as a bonus move – needs more time to manuever
– Unit counts as moving and its move ends whether or not attempt is successful
– Chance is determined by terrain in hex as well as by vehicle size
– Any point fire hit through the target’s HD direction or one hexside to either side will
instead result in a miss
– Hull-mounted weapons cannot fire through a direction that is covered by HD status
– Hull-located crew are unable to see through directions blocked by HD
– Added simple notifation of final VP total when campaign day ends
– Small change to scenarios: clock will advance one minute per side turn, so 2 minutes per
player turn


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Weekly Build – Early!

This week’s build has gone up early, and it’s a big one. It’s now possible to play through an entire campaign day, on either the German or Polish side. I haven’t encountered any crashes in this version but if you do, please let me know at armouredcommander [at] – this should at least give you a good idea of where the game is going.

The Windows-packaged build is available at the usual download location.

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Recent Progress

No weekly build again this week – adding in the campaign day inferface has meant that the game has been pretty much unplayble for a while until everything gets re-integrated again. I’ve been fairly successful so far, however, in getting the campaign layer to work properly. It’s now possible to:

  • select one of two campaigns set in Poland in 1939
  • select your tank from a list of availible models
  • select a randomly generated commander name or enter your own
  • move around the campaign day map (pictured at top)
  • have a battle encounter randomly trigger upon moving into an enemy-held area
  • battle scenarios generate a number of enemy units based on enemy strength in that area and on their historical rarity (Polish enemies for German players and vice-versa)
  • when you win a scenario, you gain control of that area and return to the campaign day map
  • at any point, on either the campaign layer or the scenario layer, you can save, quit, and resume your game

Still missing are a way to end the combat day (right now the clock will advance indefinitely), a means of calculating total Victory Points earned during the day, and a means of requesting resupply to replace expended main gun shells. So again, not yet playable, but getting very close to that point.

Of course after that there’s still much to do. The empty areas on the campaign day interface pictured above will eventually show information about map areas, a list of current missions assigned to you by command, and a contextual menu screen that can show information about crew, your allies, and so on.

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New Weekly Build 2018-03-17

A new weekly build has just been uploaded to the usual download location. As usual there will be bugs and crashes so please do email me at armouredcommander [at] if you discover any of these.

With this version I’ve added all the core elements of the “scenario” stratum of the game. There’s clearly much more that could be done but with this part working I’m going to start work on the “campaign day” map and interface, which will see your tank moving across a battlefield and possibly triggering an encounter on the scenario map. I’ve held off on some key parts of the game, including crew injuries and skills, until this is complete. I’ve started a sketch of the campaign day map in REXPaint:

In contrast to ArmCom1, where the campaign day map was made up of polygon areas, ArmCom2 will have a hex map with each hex representing an approximately 2.7 km-wide area of terrain. Each hex in the campaign day map represents an entire scenario map (hence the different hex orientation). The depiction of the enemy- and friendly-held areas will be better than that in the sketch – I think a frontline makes more sense than marking each hex individually.

Finally, brief changelog for this week’s build:

Changelog for 2018-03-17

– New menu system and turn structure: phases are gone, crewmen are automatically assigned actions when the player acts
– Added four additional keyboard mapping options
– If any turret weapon has already fired this turn, turret rotation is not allowed until next activation
– Weapon mount now displayed in context console display (upper left corner of map viewport)
– Activation order for enemy units now randomized at start of scenario
– Added additional displays and functions for stacks of units in the same hex
– Use mouse wheel to cycle top unit in stack
– Road generation will now avoid hills more often
– Small improvement in display of possible results when rolling for FP resolution effect
– Set up a proper system to avoid repeated keyboard inputs – old one would often miss inputs
– Key to proceed with attack resolution now C on QWERTY keyboards – avoids ending player activation by mistake
– Minor changes and bugfixes


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New Weekly Build

Version 0.1.0-2018-03-10 is now avaialble for download from the usual location. Changes are as follows:

– HE ammo type has been added to guns, also ammo tracking
– Minor changes to interface
– Additional enemy units added: tankettes and armoured cars
– Major fix to a crash when resolving FP on infantry units
– Infantry and guns can now see 6 hexes away
– Added a check for units to regain concealment (unknown status) at the start of their turn
– Objectives will no longer be placed adjacent to a map edge
– Added a rarity rating for enemy units, rare units will be selected less frequently for enemy spawns
– Added alt+arrow keys for selecting crewman and changing action in Crew Action phase
– Critical hits with HE on infantry and guns now apply 2x effective firepower
– MG attacks within 2 hexes have a chance to penetrate armour
– Slightly reduced bonuses for firing at an acquired target

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Weekly Build Hotfix

I’ve uploaded a slightly updated version of the weekly build, since I found some potentially game-crashing bugs while working on it today. Download link is the same as before. Changes are as follows:

ArmCom2 version 0.1.0-2018-03-04

– Unit portrait (if any) will now be displayed when an enemy unit is spotted
– Fixed bug where game would prompt player to fire again when an enemy unit maintained RoF
– Fixed bug where AI Loader crewmen were being set to the wrong/outdated order
– Enemy spawning is now done in a more intelligent fashion

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New Weekly Build

I’ve just updated the weekly build, downloadable from the usual location. I have tested it on Windows 10 and it works. That’s not to say there won’t be other bugs and crashes, but at least Win10 players can progress past the main menu now. Changelog follows:

0.1.0-2018-03-03 Changelog

– Added a fix for the crash on Windows 10, it’s a temporary fix but should work for now
– Area Fire (MG) attacks now more likely to have an effect, and different levels of effects
are possible: partial, full, and critical
– Area Fire attacks now include negative modifiers for firing at a target in higher elevation,
and for vehicle size class if they target is Known
– Changed the style of the hex highlight when pop-up message is displayed, and also had the message switch to the bottom of the viewport if it would otherwise cover up the highlighted hex
– Fixed a few display bugs
– Changed the penalty for chance of additional extra moves beyond the first
– Added the option to switch to a half-size font, making the game window smaller
– Started to add crew statuses; no effect yet
– Added possibility of Rate of Fire for player; if the weapon is a Gun, there must be a
Loader on Reload action
– Added arrow keys as alternates for WASD

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