Alpha 2 Release

After a long time of being stuck on various issues having to do with the scenario map, I did some work at the start of this year to tear down the scenario layer and build it back up along the lines of ArmCom1. I’ve put together a bare-bones Windows release that should allow you to play through a single campaign day. I think it’s a huge improvement on the previous version and is bringing the sequel back toward the roots of the original. Still working on it so expect bugs and incomplete features.

Not sure about Linux compatibility right now, the last versions had some issues.

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New Build Available

It’s been some time but I have finally put together a new build of ArmCom 2 with new features and fixes. Download here as usual. The biggest change is that your crew is now vulnerable to enemy fire attacks, and can be injured and/or stunned, etc. as a result. The source script (available from GitHub) does not appear to work in Linux – perhaps because I switched to Python 3? Not sure – will investigate. Full changelog follows:

Changelog for 2018-09-29

ADD: AI units will now use small-arms attacks against unarmoured vehicles, or armoured vehicles with exposed crew
ADD: Random scenario events
ADD: Rifle fire sound effect
ADD: Command to abandon tank
ADD: Dead crewmen will be replaced after a scenario ends
ADD: Sniper attack resolution
CNG: Crew info display is now more compact, displays surname only
CNG: Elevation levels now represent 5 meters of elevation, more variation in hills generated
CNG: Enemy strength and organization levels in map zones, encounter odds and chances of number of enemy units spawned
CNG: Unit personnel now have three traits, which affect spotting and some crew skills
CNG: Message pop-up now works in any game mode, messages normally added to campaign day log as well
CNG: Units now automatically move to the top of their hex stack when spotted
CNG: Crewmen can only change Buttoned Up / Crew Exposed status if they are able to act
CNG: Crewmen who change status to Stunned, Critical, or Dead are automatically set to Buttoned Up
FIX: Handling of the Turret MG weapon type for the TK-3
FIX: Crash when HD directional arrow was being displayed
FIX: Display of to-hit / penetrate odds now overwrites previous displayed percentage properly
FIX: Campaign day log display was crashing when displaying special characters (eg. in crew names)
FIX: Erasing the saved game was not working, fixed now

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New Development Build – Air and Artillery Support

I’ve just uploaded a new development build. It’s dated June 9th since I finished it a little earlier than anticipated! The biggest change is the addition of air and artillery support options. For now, Germany has air support only and Poland has artillery support only, but eventually each will have at least some of each in their campaigns. The systems are also both very rudimentary for now, with further complexity planned for the future.

I have tested both but there’s always the possibility that either will interact with something else in an unexpected way, so if you do encounter any bugs or crashes please do report them at armouredcommander [at] gmail [dot] com. Changelog follows:

Changelog for Version 2018-06-09

ADD: Air support for German campaign, artillery support for Polish campaign
ADD: Crew skill levels, for now only the Commander skill level has any effect on gameplay
ADD: Hex zone info display when mouse cursor is over a hex in the campaign day map
ADD: Brief pop-up message when firepower is being resolved on a known unit on the viewport, showing chances of pin test, break, and destroyed results
ADD: New unit: German PSW 231 (8 rad) Armoured Car
CNG: Direct Gunner action is now Direct Fire, affects all fire attacks from tank
CNG: Dirt roads are now generated on scenario map based on road connections on the campaign day map
CNG: Player now spawns along the correct scenario map edge based on direction of travel on campaign day map
CNG: Infantry that moved and are in open ground now subject to a substantial modifier when hit by Area Fire
CNG: Display of firepower attack critical, partial, and full effects
FIX: Certain key commands that don’t change based on keyboard layout were being improperly decoded
FIX: Player tank not being correctly marked as destroyed
FIX: TK3 and TKS now have turret-mounted weapons but the turret is not rotatable
FIX: Player target Line of Sight was not being drawn properly if player pivoted or if target was not top of stack

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Development Build 2018-05-12

A new development build of Armoured Commander II has just been uploaded. This version builds upon Alpha 1, adding new features to the campaign day map and a few new bug fixes as well. Full changelog follows:

Changelog for 2018-05-12

– ADD: message log for the campaign day and a simple log display in the game menu
– ADD: terrain score for each scenario map hex, used to help the AI player
– ADD: terrain types for zones on the campaign day map; and this determines the type of terrain that will be generated on the scenario map
– ADD: railroads to scenario maps, no depiction on campaign day map yet
– ADD: bonus to hull down chance if railroad in hex
– ADD: very brief briefing for the start of the combat day
– ADD: sound effect for vehicle armour save
– ADD: new unit: German PSW 231(6 rad) Armoured Car
– CNG: Guns and Infantry units will now be spawned in more strategic locations at the start of the scenario
– CNG: continue key for attack displays to Tab
– CNG: roll indicator to percentage display for attack rolls
– FIX: vehicle destroyed sound was not playing until after the message display
– FIX: vehicles without turrets suddenly had them
– FIX: moving or pivoting now clears any acquired target immediately rather than at end of activation
– FIX: center objective hex will no longer have a pond generated in it

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Weekly Build 2018-04-28

Lots of additions and fixes in this week’s build, including new units, some fixes for crashes, and some minor balance changes. Download here. Changelog follows:

– Combined many instances of mouse and keyboard event polling into a single function
– Added “Direct Gunner” action for Commanders, gives a bonus to hit, but not allowed for Commander/Gunner positions, the tank must have a dedicated Commander position like in the 7TP
– Added a better description to “Direct Driver” action
– If a Commander benefits from their Direct Driver or Direct Gunner bonus during an activation, they cannot change actions until their next activation
– Added to-hit modifiers for short- and long-barreled guns at 3+ hex ranges
– Added right-click command to display info on unit at top of hex stack in scenario
– Added bonus to Hull Down chance if commander is on Direct Driver action
– If target is at a higher elevation than attacker, more likely that location hit will be hull rather than turret/superstructure
– Bonus move chance now capped at maximum 97%
– Objectives on the scenario map hav e been reworked: now only the centre hex in a map is an objective,and if the player holds it for a set amount of time they gain control of the area even if thereremain active enemy units on the map
– Fixed player LoS depiction, now hidden while attacking
– Fixed a bug where attack and penetration rolls were being re-rolled by mistake, potentially with an incorrect modifier applied
– Fixed bug where keyboard input during enemy turn would be stored and later executed; keyboard input is now flushed at start of player activation
– Fixed a crash related to Riflemen weapons not being recognized by attack calculator
– Reduced number of tanks in player battlegroup
– Added a screen update after AI units pivot or rotate turret as part of an attack
– Changed enemy unit spotted message slightly when a crewman in an allied unit did the spotting
– Added movement sounds for wheeled vehicles
– Reduced base bonus move chances slightly for all types of terrain
– Reduced base to-hit chances slightly for point fire
– If a unit is destroyed and it had been selected as the player target, the player target is now cleared
– Added an input event flush to the Wait function, should avoid the Windows spinning wheel of death again
– Changed from a “hatch open / hatch closed” system to a “Crew Exposed / Button Up” one
– If a position has no hatch, crew can only be BU
– For some weapons, crew must be CE to fire (eg. the MG on the PSW 221)
– For some very exposed open-topped vehicles, crew can only ever be CE
– Changed some code so that vehicles can have “turret”-mounted weapons without a rotatable turret, such as the Kfz 13
– Added new units:
– Polish Renault FT (37mm)
– German Kfz 13 Armoured car
– German PSW 221 Armoured car

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Alpha 1 Released

Alpha 1 of Armoured Commander II is now available to download from the link above. No changes from rc-2 since it seems to be pretty stable, but please do report any crashes to armouredcommander [at] gmail [dot] com.

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New Build – Alpha 1-rc2

I’ve updated the weekly build with some fixes and additions in preparation for Alpha 1, changelog follows:

– Added reverse move: no chance of bonus move afterward
– Fixed a rare display bug when an enemy unit is spotted right at the start of a battle encounter
– Added an end-of-day summary and records kept throughout the day
– Minor fixes and improvements

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Weekly Build – Alpha 1 Release Candidate 1

This week’s weekly build is a little different, it’s an initial attempt to put together something that is, while still far from complete, playable enough to be called an Alpha. Download it here from the usual location. There is still a long way to go, but I hope that fans of the original Armoured Commander and new fans of ArmCom2 will be willing to give this one a try. Lots of changes from the previous week, hopefully most are lsited below:

– Improved movement display in contextual console
– Changed pin test mechanics; now possible on every FP resolution roll
– Increased base chance of battle encounter when entering enemy-held zone
– Fixed a crash when resolving an MG hit on armoured target, fixed procedure for AP MG hits
– Enabling sounds will now init the sound mixer and load samples if required
– Fixed: To-hit indicator being displayed on wrong side of hit/miss band
– Fixed: Player Line of Sight being displayed at wrong times
– Fixed: Mousewheel up not cycling units in a hex stack properly
– Added allied tanks to player’s squadron, generated at start of campaign day
– If an allied tank is destroyed in a battle, its slot won’t be available for remainder of day
– Improved mouseover info on units
– Nation definitions are now stored in the session object
– Player-allied units in their unit group now move automatically with the player unit
– Removed personnel stats and unit morale levels, will use personnel traits in the future
– Changed FP resolution to a hidden roll, modified result chance calculations
– Added Broken result to FP resolution: unit cannot act at all until it recovers
– Removed invisible player luck points
– Slightly increased the effect of armour level on penetration chance
– Updated version number tracking and check of saved game version
– Changed a number of minor game settings
– Added a progress bar to the campaign day screen indicating how much of the combat day remains

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Weekly Build 2018-04-07

I had some time to further develop ArmCom2 today so I put together a new weekly build to show it off. Changelog follows:

Changelog for 2018-04-07

– Added a line re: key commands for switching active menu in scenario action menu
– All scenario map hex console images are now procedurally generated
– Added a simple victory point system
– Added a directional line to the campaign day map when setting a direction to recon or travel
– Enemy units are now spawned facing player location
– Added attack chance penalties for when attacker pivoted; rotated turret
– Roads are now generated on the campaign day map, travel time to an adjacent zone is different depending on whether or not there is a road link
РAdded dummy units back in; two additional dummy  units will be spawned at start of scenario regardless of how many real enemies were generated
– Added Hull Down status
– Can be gained by vehicles on spawn or upon moving into a new hex
– Player can command unit to attempt a HD position in the current facing direction
– Cannot do as a bonus move – needs more time to manuever
– Unit counts as moving and its move ends whether or not attempt is successful
– Chance is determined by terrain in hex as well as by vehicle size
– Any point fire hit through the target’s HD direction or one hexside to either side will
instead result in a miss
– Hull-mounted weapons cannot fire through a direction that is covered by HD status
– Hull-located crew are unable to see through directions blocked by HD
– Added simple notifation of final VP total when campaign day ends
– Small change to scenarios: clock will advance one minute per side turn, so 2 minutes per
player turn


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Weekly Build – Early!

This week’s build has gone up early, and it’s a big one. It’s now possible to play through an entire campaign day, on either the German or Polish side. I haven’t encountered any crashes in this version but if you do, please let me know at armouredcommander [at] – this should at least give you a good idea of where the game is going.

The Windows-packaged build is available at the usual download location.

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